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How Do ArmorThane Roofing Jobs hold Up After 8 Years?

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For the four-person staff utilized from ArmorThane, recoating the leaking roof at the Springfield Plaza shopping center in Springfield, Mo, was anything but routine. Not only did they need to contend with the harsh weather conditions, overspray, and also operating at elevations, but they also needed to keep the overspray from “splattering” on the building.
The repair: roughly 80 mils (2,032.0 microns) of ArmorThane’s own Highline 310 chemical: An amazing quality product!
But the task was finished in 2012: eight years ago. Has it stood the test of time?
Overspray as well as Higher Savings
Given that the conclusion of the 11,000-square-foot task, ArmorThane has grown 30 percent in roofing sales, according to President Garry Froese. Although this job was the company’s most difficult one at the time, they’ve since finished additional similar projects.
“Every job has problems when applying splashed coatings, as you should handle all weather as well as overspray challenges,” Froese stated. To alleviate overspray on this job, the team marked off the parking area and utilized big outdoor tents to contain the spray.
“Overspray is a consistent concern when using sprayed-on coatings,” Froese proceeded. “At winds over 10 miles per hour, also under an outdoor tent, it must not be attempted. We utilized big outdoor tents– 12 feet by 20 feet with two individuals working to use a huge adequate section at one time to make sure that the coating all links in.”
Froese, who makes it a practice to call each of his previous customers annually, noted that there had been no necessity for any repairs or updates to the Springfield Plaza roof, since the coating was completed.
According to him, the waterproofing system, which came with a 15-year warranty, has been carrying out “perfectly.” Not only did the system address the internal sweating problem, it also supplied the customer energy cost savings. “They have lowered energy expense,” he claimed. Certain numbers for this certain job are not readily available, because the center is rented out; Froese’s various other clients have experienced 20 to 30 percent cost savings with similar systems.
And if the Springfield Plaza owner wants a “refresh” on their roof system, ArmorThane is ready and eager. “Any roof will obtain filthy over the years, and if an owner desires to refresh the look, we would agree to push clean and also include extra coating at a reasonably small square footage cost,” Froese discussed.
Keeping Busy
For this job, Froese had to deal with the client to obtain them to approve a system that had not been in the first scope. One technique he made use of was to develop prototypes of the system without the spray polyurethane foam, likewise called spray foam, and position them on his jacuzzi cover “to replicate warm rising in the structure after a chilly evening,” according to the initial article. 
The outcomes were telling enough to obtain the client on board. “As a chemist by career, I enjoy difficult tasks,” Froese said of this ingenuity.
And in the years since finishing this waterproofing roof system, ArmorThane has kept busy. “Since incorporation 30 years ago, we have done several interesting tasks, and this is just one of the hundreds completed.
Other plans currently on their business agenda include: collaborating with other roof coating service providers in nearly every country and some large scale NATO as well as governmental/military projects in the works. They recently signed a deal with the Iraq government and worked out a deal with the Saudi government.
Something’s for sure: ArmorThane does not appear to have the words “slow-moving season” in its vernacula

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