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Image result for COATING SOLUTIONSArmorThane continues to be your go-to for all of your insulation needs and services. From the very best products and expert installation technicians and more, there is no other professional you ever need call for your insulation needs. ArmorThane also provides polyurea coating for your building needs.
What is polyurea coating?
Polyurea coating is a plastic-like substance that offers excellent surface protection. It is an elastomer, which means that it is extremely flexible as well as being resilient. Polyurea coating is typically used for commercial buildings.
What are the benefits of polyurea coating?
There are various benefits of polyurea coating, which make it a very useful product on many building sites. The material is extremely weather tolerant, usable at temperatures ranging from -20* to over 300* and will even cure in high humidity. Polyurea coating offers excellent resistance to thermal shock. It is extremely strong and tough, but also flexible enough to bridge cracks and be used over joints and linings.
Polyurea coating is also seamless and waterproof, and has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and very little odor involved. All of these qualities make polyurea coating perfect for protecting commercial buildings and equipment of all types. Its ability to set quickly and the fast application time set it apart from any other similar technology. GA Foam Solutions offers you the very best and latest technology in spray-applied polyurea coating.
What are some common applications for polyurea coating?
Most polyurea coating product applications are for commercial uses, as there is not usually a need for such a strong and flexible material for residential buildings. Commercial uses come in a huge range. Here are some of the recommended product applications:
* Refrigeration Units
* Roof Coating
* Truck Bed Liners
* Flooring and Parking Decks
* Pipe Coatings & Linings
* Water Parks & Playgrounds
* Rail car Lining & Track Containment
* Tank Coatings & Linings
* Bridge Coating
* Joint Fill/Caulk
* Waste Water Treatment Linings
* Spray Molding
* Manhole & Sewer Linings
* Vented Crawl Spaces
* Theme Parks
* Decorative Design coating Aquarium Lining
* Landscape & Water Containment
* Automotive Fascia OEM Molded Parts
* Fuel Storage & Containment
* … and more
As you can see, many of the commercial applications for polyurea coatings involve waterproof lining, fuel storage, and cold storage. This is because of polyurea coating’s excellent waterproof and temperature resistance. There are also a lot of traffic and safety applications because of how strong and almost indestructible the polyurea coatings are.
Many other business also benefit from polyurea coating are sanitary areas such as restaurants and food processing facilities. It can even be used over concrete and steel to protect against corrosion and damage. Polyurea is truly a versatile and useful material to work with, and GA Foam Solutions is proud to provide it to their commercial customers.
To learn more about polyurea coating solutions, do not hesitate to call the experts at GA Foam Solutions. They are committed not only to providing the very best in products and service, and you can trust that the professional you speak with will be knowledgeable and experienced. Call GA Foam Solutions today for more about polyurea coating solutions.

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